Hardwood floors have been utilized in kitchens for years due to their classic look and durability, and the trend shows no signs of slowing down. The kitchen is often one of the busiest rooms and is constantly undergoing wear and tear, so having a quality product with longevity like hardwood is crucial.

Known as one of the more versatile floors, hardwood has a unique way of unifying a room and can be used to connect to a dining room or living area. Here you see how it’s used to flawlessly adjoin a nearby seating area allowing the entire room to fuse together in a wonderful open space.

With numerous shades and styles, hardwood is an ideal option if you’re looking to make your flooring the focal point of the kitchen. Styles like red and white oak or cherry quickly modernize a kitchen while reclaimed and distressed hardwood creates more of a rustic vibe. Don’t be afraid to let your hardwood guide your kitchen design.

Although most commonly used as flooring, hardwood has potential to be used in a variety of innovative ways. Below you can see how the individual hardwood planks are used as siding on the kitchen island creating a seamless transition from the floor.