Incorporating modern patterns and designs into your décor opens up your home to be an expression of your personality. You can use shapes and patterns to draw attention to a rug or wall, or use a variety of colors and shades on seating arrangements to create balance and unity in a room. There are seemingly endless patterns to choose from, so we chose four classic patterns that we feel will uplift your décor and add artistic charm to your home.

Characterized by its V-shaped zig-zags, chevron has withstood time as a popular pattern in homes due to its ability to be implemented in an assortment of ways. Whether you go with a simple two tone pattern like the rug below, or a multitude of colors, chevron will enhance your space no matter how or where it is integrated.

Another timeless trend we love is adding floral designs and patterns into your home décor to create a tranquil yet vibrant atmosphere. Using floral as an accent piece in draperies or seating arrangements is a great way to sprout color and flavor to a room. Floral can also be used as the focal point in your home decor with wallpaper or rugs that result in a welcoming and spirited environment.

Integrating scales may seem like a daunting task, but it has great potential to add character and artistic expression wherever implemented. Scales come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, so don’t be afraid to experiment with the scale pattern in your home décor.

Typically not the focal point or primary pattern of a room, quatrefoil excels when used against neutral tones creating layers of colors. As seen below, the blue carpet commands your attention when paired with the quatrefoil pattern against the neutral furniture. Because it’s not an eccentric or distracting pattern, quatrefoil can be implemented in countless ways from the floors to seating arrangements and even on the walls.