Even before a global pandemic required many people to do their jobs from home, many employers were becoming increasingly work-from-home friendly. In order to be productive and professional, it’s best to have a space in your home that is dedicated to working. A home office doesn’t have to be large or even have a door! It could simply be the repurposing of an open corner in any room.

Most important in creating your new office space is making sure that it’s decorated in a way that encourages productivity. We all work best in different environments, so know that there is no right or wrong way to decorate or set up your home office. If you love it, it works!

To start, make sure that you have enough storage to stay organized, whether that is drawer organizers, filing cabinets, bins, or baskets. Find a method that works for you and bring that into your home office.

Choose colors for your walls that relax you and promote work, such as blue, white, grey, and soothing earthy colors like green. For a spark of creativity, add fun, bright colors to artwork or through an area rug.

Lighting is another element that is dependent on the individual. If you work best in a bright office, choose a room with natural light or add light fixtures. Just make sure to stay away from fluorescent lights.

Remove clutter anywhere that you can; paperwork, cords, and anything else that can be minimized. Make your office feel like home; add a cozy throw blanket, personal artifacts, photographs, or even a comfy chair. Most importantly, create a home office that you want to be in.