Engineered and solid hardwood flooring adds exceptional value to any home, even if only installed in a single room. To find out more about why and how you can take advantage of this benefit in your home, be sure to read along with us in today's post.

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Part of the value that wood flooring adds to your home is the extensive lifespan it offers, which can be well more than 100 years or more with proper care. So it's a perfect choice for homeowners who may not want to replace their flooring for the foreseeable future.
But these floors are also valuable in that they offer nearly limitless visual opportunities. The perfect species choices not only provide specific design and grain patterns but also caters to the durability of your flooring as well.

A stain color adds another layer of décor-matching potential and is available in extensive color choices to offer a trendy addition to every room these floors are added to. And finally, the perfect finish is also dual-purpose, bringing a gorgeous appearance and protection, as options such as distressed or vintage help hide signs of wear.

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At Carlson’s Flooring, you’ll find we are a hardwood flooring company that provides everything you need for the best experience possible. We’ll see that your preferences and requirements are met with options that cater to your home and your dreams for it.

We proudly serve Geneva, Batavia, North Aurora, St. Charles, and West Chicago, all from our showroom in West Chicago, IL, and we look forward to serving your needs as well. Let us know how we can provide the wood flooring you need most, and we’ll work alongside you until your needs are accomplished.